SUMMER SCHOOL  Analysis - with Applications to Mathematical Physics

Petr Blaschke Asymptotic behavior of Bergman kernels with logarithmic weight
Andrew Comech Global attraction to solitary waves
Miroslav Englis An excursion into Berezin-Toeplitz quantization and related topics
Todor Gramchev Gelfand-Shilov spaces: Structural properties and applications to pseudodifferential operators in Rn 1     2     3    
4     5     6    
Antonio Greco Minimization of non-coercive integrals by means of convex rearrangement
Joshua Isralowitz Compactness characterization of operators in the Toeplitz algebra of the Fock space Fpα
Jiri Jahn Harmonic Berezin transform on the half-space
Florian Krügel A singular elliptic equation
Ruomeng Lan The minimizer of the Dirichlet integral
Irina Markina Geometry with constraints and its applications 1     2     3    
4     5     6    
Mauricio Godoy Molina Geometric conditions for the existence of rolling