Travel information to Goettingen

By air:

- Hannover airport (HAJ) (the train to Goettingen takes approx. 1 h)
- Frankfurt/Main airport (FRA) (the train to Goettingen takes approx. 2:15)
- Hamburg airport (HAM) (the train to Goettingen takes approx. 2:45)

By train:

To find a suitable train connection, please use this link:
(the station is called: Göttingen)
From the train station on foot to the institute: Leave the station following the signs in directions "Zentrum".
Make a half turn right. At the central bus station you reach the sidewalk along the "Berliner Strasse".
Follow this southward (right) and continue this road (more or less straight). After the next crossover the road called "Bürgerstrasse".
Follow along Bürgerstrasse (passing 4 smaller streets on the right: Rosdorfer Weg, Marienstrasse, Cramerstrasse, Wiesenstrasse),
until you reach Bunsenstrasse. The building of Mathematics Institute is at the street corner. See also the map linked on this page.

By car:

A7 /Exit Goettingen/Dransfeld:
Approaching from Hannover (B3) or from Braunlage (B27)


Youth Hostel:

If you want information about the hostel, please use this link:

Map Hostel


up to 65,- Euro:

Leinehotel , Groner Landstrasse 55, D-37081 Goettingen
Map Leinehotel

Hotel Rennschuh, Kasseler Landstrasse 93, D-37081 Goettingen

Hotel Zum Stresemann, Stresemannstrasse 27, D-37083 Goettingen

Hotel Novostar, Kasseler Landstrasse 25D, D-37081 Goettingen

Hotel Weender Hof, Hannoversche Strasse 150, D-37077 Goettingen

up to 85,- Euro:

Hotel Central, Jüdenstrasse 12, D-37073 Goettingen

Hotel Stadt Hannover, Goetheallee 21, D-37073 Goettingen

Astoria Hotel, Hannoversche Strasse 51/53, D-37075 Goettingen

Hotel Schweizer Hof, Kasseler Landstrasse 118/120, D-37081 Goettingen

Best Western Parkhotel Ropeter , Kasseler Landstrasse 45, D-37081 Goettingen

up to 100,- Euro:

Intercity Hotel, Bahnhofsallee 1a, D-37081 Goettingen

Eden-Hotel, Reinhäuser Landstrasse 22a, D-37083 Goettingen

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To find any information about the University of Goettingen please use this link:;