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    D-37073 Göttingen Germany

office: N32

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chris rogers

about me

I'm a postdoctoral research associate in the Mathematics Institute of the University of Göttingen, and a member of the Courant Research Centre on Higher Order Structures in Mathematics (CRCG). I received my Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of California, Riverside. My thesis was supervised by John Baez.

Here is my CV.

research interests

I am primarily interested in structures called homotopy algebras, which blend together the computational power of algebra with the topologist's flexible notion of equivalence. I use these as tools to study problems

in topology, geometry, and physics.

recent publications    

  1. 1.“L-infinity algebras of local observables from higher prequantum bundles”, with D. Fiorenza and U. Schreiber, to appear in Homology, Homotopy and Applications, arXiv:1304.6292.

  1. 2.“Homotopy moment maps”, with Y. Frégier and M. Zambon, arXiv:1304.2051.

  1. 3.“Kontsevich’s graph complex, GRT, and the deformation complex of the sheaf of polyvector fields”, with V. Dolgushev and T. Willwacher, arXiv:1211.4230.

  1. 4."Notes on algebraic operads, graph complexes, and Willwacher's construction", with V. Dolgushev,

           Contemporary Mathematics, 583 (2012), 25--146.  arXiv:1202.2937.

  1. 5."A higher Chern-Weil derivation of AKSZ sigma-models", with D. Fiorenza and U. Schreiber, International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics,10 (2013) 1250078-1--36. pdf.

  1. 6."2-plectic geometry, Courant algebroids, and categorified prequantization", Journal of Symplectic Geometry,

           11 (2013), 53-91. arXiv:1009.2975.

  1. 7."L-infinity algebras from multisymplectic geometry", Letters in Mathematical Physics 100 (2012), 29-50. pdf.

  1. 8."Categorified symplectic geometry and the string Lie 2-algebra", with J. Baez. Homology, Homotopy and Applications 12 (2010), 221-236. pdf.

  1. 9."Categorified symplectic geometry and the classical string", with J. Baez and A. Hoffnung. Communications in Mathematical Physics 293 (2010), 701-715. pdf.


Here is some information about classes that I teach.