Laurent Bartholdi's articles

These are my articles, as extracted from arXiv, with small formatting modifications. The original arXiv feed is, and in Atom format.

Croissance des groupes agissant sur des arbres
PhD thesis, 2000. [ps, pdf]
Mots croisés hexagonaux
Quadrature 53 (2004), page 6 and 54 (2004) page 5. [ps, pdf]
Mots croisés mélanophobes
Gazette des Mathématiciens 70 (1996), 45--47. [ps, pdf]

The ``Bartholdi zeta function''

Here are the articles, as read from Mathscinet, that are related to a zeta function attributed to me:

Papers written in Latin

Latin has steadily fallen in disuse since the 1600's -- but there still are recent publications in that universal language. Drew Burton from the AMS was kind enough to search through MathSciNet for those in the database. Below is his list. Some are quite unsuprising (the complete works of Euler, Newton etc.) but others are jewels!

Laurent Bartholdi 2009-10-11