Göttingen, June 20th to 24th, 2005

Monday, June 20
Tuesday, June 21
Wednesday, June 22
Thursday, June 23
Friday, June 24

S.J. Patterson
Carl Friedrich Gauss - his world and his times
E. Fouvry
On the 4-rank of class groups of quadratic fields
J. Brüdern
Weyl sums and Waring's problem
B. Green
Quadratic uniformity of Möbius, with application to 4-term APs of primes
H. Stark
The Gauss Class-Number Problems
Y.I. Manin
Iterated integrals of modular forms
R. Heath-Brown
Analytic Methods in Diophantine Geometry
A. Granville
The Polya-Vinogradov theorem revisited
D. Goldfeld
Multiple Dirichlet Series
B. Conrey
Random matrix theory and ranks of elliptic curves
C. Skinner
L-values and Selmer groups for modular forms
T. Wooley
The density of rational points on large dimensional hypersurfaces
B. Gross
Symplectic root numbers
H. Iwaniec
Problems of the exceptional character
K. Ono
Traces of singular moduli on Hilbert modular surfaces
A. Venkatesh
Equidistribution on homogeneous spaces and number-theoretic applications
Contributed talks

K. Soundararajan
The distribution of values of L-functions
P. Michel
Period bounds, subconvexity and distribution of Heegner points on quaternionic Shimura varieties
W. Luo
On equidistribution properties of Hecke eigenforms
19.30 Uhr:

Contributed talks:

C. Yildrim
Small gaps between primes

L. Pierce
Bounding the 3-part of class numbers of quadratic fields

S. Baier
The large sieve with sparse sets of moduli

K. Broughan
The ubiquity of integer k'th roots

Contributed talks:

J. Funke
Traces of CM values of modular functions

A. C. Cojocaru
Uniform results for Serre's theorem for elliptic curves (joint work with Chris Hall (Univ. Texas at Austin)

F. Breuer
CM points on Drinfeld modular varieties

P. Charollois
Periods of Eisenstein series and Stark units

S. Gurak
Polynominals for Hyper-Kloosterman Sums
Contributed talks:

S. Krutelevich
Jordan algebras, exceptional groups and higher composition laws

V. Timorin
Binary quadratic forms with semigroup property (joint with F. Aicardi)

W. Zudilin
Arithmetic results for q-analogues of mathematical constants

H. Pieper
Mathematics in Berlin promoted by Carl Friedrich Gauss and Alexander von Humboldt:  the example Gustav Dirichlet