Mathematisches Institut Göttingen

First Summer School on
Dynamical Approaches in Spectral Geometry

Thermodynamic Formalism
Transfer Operator Method

Göttingen, September 14-18, 2015

The summer school addresses doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, and also welcomes more experienced scientists. In addition to the four lecture series, there is time for a limited number of talks by participants.
Oscar Bandtlow
(Queen Mary London)
Bounds for Ruelle resonances
Frédéric Naud
Density theorems for Fredholm determinants of transfer operators (canceled)
Anke Pohl
Dynamical approaches to Laplace eigenfunctions
Julia Slipantschuk
(Queen Mary London)
An introduction to transfer operators
hyperbolic plane Spinne


We thank the Göttingen SPIRIT Program and the DFG Research Training Group 1493 ''Mathematical Structures in Modern Quantum Physics,'' Göttingen, for support.