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Mathematics History Web servers

Math History links

There are some pages which you may find useful concerning topics related to the history of mathematics which can be found at:

History of Mathematics
maintained by David E. Joyce (Clark University, USA)
Including a comprehensive chronology of mathematicians

Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics and Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography
maintained by Eric Weisstein (University of Virginia, USA)
A comprehensive encyclopedia of Mathematics (and other subjects) and collection of biographies.

Math Archives History of Mathematics
maintained by Earl Fife and Larry Hutch (University of Tennessee at Knoxville, USA)
Many links to other sites

Biographies of Women Mathematicians
maintained by Larry Riddle (Agnes Scott College, USA)
Contains some detailed biographies and images of women mathematicians

Earliest uses of mathematical symbols and words
maintained by Jeff Miller (New Port Richey, USA)
Contains information and discussion on the first occurrence of mathematical symbols and words.

The Galileo Project
at Rice University, Texas contains
a searchable database of the Scientific Community of the 16th and 17th Century with information on over 160 mathematicians.

The Mathematical Quotations Server
maintained by Mark Woodard (Furman University, USA)
Quotations by mathematicians or about mathematics

Favourite Mathematical Constants
maintained by Steven Finch (Mathsoft, USA)
Information on a collection of well-known, and some more obscure constants

Brightest SPARCS
database of scientists (ANU, Canberra, Australia) with a list of mathematicians

AIP Center for History of Physics
(American Institute of Physics, USA)
A history of physics with biographies and pictures of historical scientists

WWW Virtual Library, History of Science Technology and Medicine
maintained by Tim Sherratt (ASAP, Australia)
A more general history of science

The History of Mathematics
maintained by D. R. Wilkins (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)
Including excerpts from W. W. Rouse Ball's A short account of the history of mathematics

Ancient Mathematics
at the Library of Congress Vatican Exhibit
some interesting articles mainly about Greek Mathematics

A History of Mathematics
maintained by Len Berggren (Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada)
articles by students at Simon Fraser University

A Visual Dictionary of Plane Curves
maintained by Xah Lee (California, USA)
lots of well presented information about plane curves.

A History of Sciences related to Astronomy and references to astronomers
maintained by Wolfgang R. Dick (IFAG, Potsdam, Germany)

The sci.math FAQ
maintained by Alex Lopez-Ortiz (Waterloo, Canada)
Frequently Asked Questions addressed by the USENET group sci.math

A Brief History of Algebra and Computing: An Eclectic Oxonian View
by Jonathan Bowen (Oxford University Computing Laboratory, UK)
A hypertext article with hyperlinks to the MacTutor History of Mathematics archive.

The Math Forum and Math History resource collection
A Virtual Center for Math Education on the Internet

Historia Mathematica
The home page of the official journal of the International Commission on the History of Mathematics.

The Invention Dimension
A resource for people who want to learn about American Inventors and their discoveries

Centre for History of Science and Technology
at the Université Libre de Bruxelles
This centre organises regular conferences on the history of mathematics.

The Museum of the History of Science
at the University of Oxford

The History Wing
of the Mathematical Museum at the Konrad-Zuse-Zentrum für Informationstechnik Berlin (ZIB)

The Geometry Center
with some excellent interactive web applications

History of Maths lectures
by G Donald Allen of Texas A and M University, USA

The Science Engineering and Math Program of the University of Delaware
A source of other mathematically oriented Web sites.

PASS maths magazine
This is a Web magazine containing some history and other mathematical features.

A series of articles by Charles W Johnson on Science in Ancient Artwork.

The Yahoo Mathematics Page
A page of other Maths related sites

Mathematics Information Server
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