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Mathematics Information Server

Welcome to the Mathematics Information Server at the Department of Mathematics of the Georg-August University in Göttingen. We try to put together all reachable information on Mathematics related Web sites. Below is a list with various links to different math-related topics and areas. These lists are of course far from being complete and many links might be broken after some time. So please contact to suggest new links or to report broken and old links. The main items of this site are essentially collected from the Math resources server of the Penn State Mathematics Department. There you will also find a search engine to search in many of the pages and entries below.


Mathematics Resources Web severs
Mathematics Department Web servers
Mathematics Societies Web servers
Mathematics Research Centers Web servers
Mathematics Preprints Web servers
Mathematics Journals Web servers
Mathematics History Web servers
Mathematics Publishers Web servers
Mathematics Software Web servers

We invite other mathematics-related servers to link to this list. We're trying to make it as complete and as useful as possible, and are always looking for new links to add. So please communicate any comments or suggestions to Thank you!

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