Oberseminar analytic number theory

summer term 2019

Apr 29: The diophantine geometry of rational quadrilaterals and tetrahedra (Samuel Patterson)
May 6: Quanifying local embeddings into finite groups (Henry Bradford)
May 13: Distribution of zeros of the zeta function and the alternative hypothesis (Farzad Aryan)
May 20: Variations on a theme: the fourth moment of the zeta function (Valentin Blomer)
May 27: Representation of integers by binary forms (Shabnam Akhtari)
June 3: Automorphic density theorems (Valentin Blomer)
June 10: Pentecost - no seminar
June 14: 15. Göttingen-Hannover number theory seminar
June 17: Ternary sums of polygonal numbers (Siu Hang Man)
June 24: Boundary and Eisenstein cohomology of SL(3, Z) (Jitendra Bajpai)
July 1: Spectral theory of tori, via analytic number theory (Simon Myerson)
July 8: Automorphic representations and newforms theory for Siegel modular forms of degree 2 (Fabian Waibel)
July 15: Distribution of sizes of certain centralizers in symmetric groups (Zhipeng Lu)

winter term 2018/19

Oct 22: A local-global principle for sujective polynomial maps (Lukas Prader)
Oct 29: The ideal theorem, and Dedekind zeta functions on the critical line (Simon Myerson)
Nov 5: Extreme values of L-functions (Junxian Li)
Nov 12: Solubility of systems of one cubic and linear diagonal form in Q_p (Miriam Kaesberg)
Nov 19: Conference Geometric and Analytic Number Theory
Nov 26: Voronoi summation on GL(n) - collision between level and modulus (Andrew Corbett)
Dec 3: Cehbychev's bias (Xianchang Meng)
Dec 10: On counting cubes (Fabian Dehnert)
Dec 17: Computing Kloosterman sums (Samuel Patterson)
Jan 7: The vanishing of μ for split Z_p-extensions over imaginary quadratic fields (Katharina Müller)
Jan 14: Ternary cyclotomic norm equations (Preda Mihăilescu)
Jan 21: 14. Göttingen-Hannover number theory seminar
Jan 28: p-adic Whittaker functions and the ε-conspiracy (Edgar Assing)

summer term 2018

Apr 9: Counting Galois groups of quartics (Rainer Dietmann)
Apr 16: Fine-scale statistics of values of binary quadratic forms (Valentin Blomer)
Apr 23: Low-lying zeros and L-functions (Didier Lesesvre)
Apr 30: Moments of spinor L-functions of Siegel cusp forms on congruence subgroups (Fabian Waibel)
May 7: Capitulation in the cyclotomic Z_2-extension of CM number fields (Katharina Müller)
May 14: Bielefeld-Göttingen-Paderborn Seminar VIII
May 21: Pentecost Monday - no seminar
May 28: Anticyclotomic p-adic spinor L-functions for PGL(4) (Shunsuke Yamana)
June 4: On an extension of the Landau-Gonek formula (Farzad Aryan)
June 11: Hypergeometric groups: arithmetic or thin? (Sandip Singh)
June 13: Counting and effective rigidity in algebra and geometry (Lola Thompson)
June 18: Generalized injectivity conjecture (Sarah Dijols)
June 25: Ascending powers in the squares (Jörg Brüdern)
July 2: The Weyl law for algebraic tori (Ian Petrow)
July 9: Construntion of cuspidal metaplectic reprsentations II (Samuel Patterson)

winter term 2017/2018

Sep 18: Bielefeld-Göttingen-Paderborn seminar V
Oct 16: Construction of metaplectic forms (Samuel Patterson)
Oct 23: Forms in many variables - an iterative approach (Simon Myerson)
Oct 30: Prime points in triangles (Jörg Brüdern)
Nov 6: Short laws in finite groups and residual finiteness growth (Henry Bradford)
Nov 13: 12. Göttingen-Hannover number theory workshop
Nov 20: Monotonicity for certain classes of L-functions (Sneha Chaubey)
Nov 27: Exotic summation formulas and modular forms (Danylo Radchenko)
Dec 4: Arithmetic statistics for quaternion algebras (Didier Lesesvre)
Dec 8: Bielefeld-Göttingen-Paderborn Seminar VI
Dec 11: Central values of L-functions and automorphic period integrals (Andrew Corbett)
Dec 18: Circle method - history and applications (Saurabh Singh)
Jan 8: Roth's ascending powers (Jörg Brüdern)
Jan 15: 13. Göttingen-Hannover number theory workshop
Jan 22: Siegel modular forms and L-functions (Valentin Blomer)
Mar 20: Bielefeld-Göttingen-Paderborn Seminar VII

summer term 2017

Apr 10: Fermat quotients (Igor Shparlinski)
Apr 17: public holiday - no seminar
Apr 19: Bielefeld-Göttingen-Paderborn Seminar III
Apr 24: Vectorial Drinfeld modular forms over Tate algebras (Rudolph Perkins)
May 1: public holiday - no seminar
May 8: Distribution of rational and algebraic points in small intervals and close to smooth manifolds (Vasili Bernik)
May 15: Riemann's path to the zeta function - a reconstruction (Samuel Patterson)
May 29: Theory of vector-valued modular forms (Jitendra Bajpai)
June 2: 11. Göttingen-Hannover number theory workshop
June 5: Pentecost Monday - no seminar
June 12: Bielefeld-Göttingen-Paderborn seminar IV
June 19: Diagonalization and Artin's conjecture I (Jörg Brüdern)
June 26: Diagonalization and Artin's conjecture II (Jörg Brüdern)
July 3: Higher weight on GL(3) (Jack Buttcane)
July 10: Bounded gaps between primes and the length spectra of arithmetic hyperbolic 3-orbifolds (Lola Thompson)

winter term 2016/17

Oct 19: Bielefeld-Göttingen Seminar
Oct 24: The Solovay-Kitaev procedure: uniform diameter bounds in groups and quantum computation (Henry Bradford)
Oct 31: Introduction to the theory of hypergeometric groups (Jitendra Bajpai)
Nov 2: 9. Göttingen-Hannover Number Theory Workshop
Nov 14: Fourier coefficients of half-integral weight and Waring's problem (Fabian Waibel)
Nov 21: Ghost classes in the cohomology of Shimura varieties (Matias Victor Moya Giusti)
Nov 28: The modulus and argument of L-functions (Renan Finder)
Dec 12: Primes dividing polynomials (Jörg Brüdern)
Jan 9: The second moment of Rankin-Selberg L-functions (Rebecca Jakob)
Jan 11: Bielefeld-Göttingen Seminar II
Jan 16: A larger sieve for cusp forms (Christoph Häußer)
Jan 23: Hypergeometric functions over finite fields (Samuel Patterson)
Jan 25: Bounding the error term of partial Dedekind zeta functions (Preda Mihăilescu)
Jan 27: 10. Göttingen-Hannover Number Theory Workshop
Jan 30: Variation of monodromy in families (Jyoti Prakash Saha)

summer term 2016

Mar 8: 7. Göttingen-Hannover Number Theory Workshop
Apr 11: Universal quadratic forms and indecomposable integers (Vita Kala)
Apr 18: Quantum chaos, Fibonacci numbers and the Riemann zeta-function (Valentin Blomer)
Apr 25: Shifted convolution of divisor functions (Berke Topacogullari)
May 2: Triple product formula and applications to subconvexity and mass equidistribution (Yueke Hu)
May 9: Families of Diophantine Equations (Dan Loughran)
May 16: Pentecost Monday - no seminar
May 23: Sieving for Cebotarev subsets of the primes (Korneel Debaene)
May 30: Stammbrüche (Gerd Hofmeister)
June 6: 8. Göttingen-Hannover Number Theory Workshop
June 13: On an isomorphism lying behind the class number formula (Vlad Crisan)
June 20: Counting cusp forms (Djordje Milićević)
June 27: The Liouville function in short intervals (after Matomäki and Radziwiłł) (Kannan Soundararajan)
July 4: Rational points on some bi-homogeneous variety (Fabian Dehnert)
July 11: Small representations and automorphic forms (Samuel Patterson)

winter term 2015/16

Oct 26: The curvature of the primes (Jörg Brüdern)
Nov 2: Class groups in p-cuclotomic fields (a conjecture of Iwasawa and Leopoldt) (Preda Mihăilescu)
Nov 9: Sums of two square of sums of two squares (Rebecca Jakob)
Nov 16: Sieving for completely split primes (Korneel Debaene)
Nov 23: Soficity, exponential maps and recurrence (Harald Helfgott)
Dec 7: 5. Göttingen-Hannover Number Theory Workshop
Dec 21: On a remark of G. H. Hardy (Samuel Patterson)
Jan 11: The Calkin-Wilf tree and its generalizations (Melvin Nathanson)
Jan 18: Random Thue equations (Rainer Dietmann)
Jan 25: Squares representable by quartic forms (Stefan Baur)
Feb 1: 6. Göttingen-Hannover Number Theory Workshop
Feb 8: Rational quadrilaterals and tetrahedra - Tales of forgotten Genius (Samuel Patterson)

summer term 2015

Apr 20: Subconvexity for L-functions on GL(3), I (Valentin Blomer)
Apr 24: 3. Göttingen-Hannover Number Theory Workshop
Apr 27: Subconvexity for L-functions on GL(3), II (Jack Buttcane)
May 4: A Burgess-type subconvex bound for GL(2) x GL(1) L-functions (Péter Maga)
May 11: Modular curves and the class number one problem (Vlad Crisan)
May 18: Vinogradov's mean value theorem: the quartic case (Trevor Wooley)
May 25: Pentecost Monday - no seminar
Jun 1: Complification II (Jörg Brüdern)
Jun 8: Complification III (Jörg Brüdern)
Jun 15: Kummerian approaches for the Fermat-Catalan equation (Preda Mihăilescu)
Jun 22: The third moment of symmetric square L-functions (Benjamin Sprung)
Jun 29: Subconvexity for multiple Dirichlet series (Alex Dahl)
Jul 6: Bounds for arithmetic eigenfunctions (Simon Marshall)
Jul 9: 4. Göttingen-Hannover Number Theory Workshop
Jul 13: Rational points on quartic hypersurfaces (Oscar Marmon)

winter term 2014/15

Oct 27: Complification I (Jörg Brüdern)
Nov 3: Quadratic diophantine equations over number fields (Lutz Helfrich)
Nov 10: Number of self-dual automorphic representations on GL(N) and depth preservation (Vita Kala)
Nov 17: Searching for rational points on varieties over global fields (Lenny Fukshansky)
Nov 21: 1. Göttingen-Hannover Number Theory Workshop
Nov 24: A global approach to generalized Iwasawa invariants (Sören Kleine)
Dec 1: The spectral Kuznetsov formula for SL(3, Z) (Jack Buttcane)
Dec 8: Resonances (Anke Pohl)
Dec 15: Hilbert cubes in arithmetic sets (Rainer Dietmann)
Jan 5: Eisenstein series for congruence subgroups of GL(3) (Deniz Balakci)
Jan 12: A converse theorem for L-functions of degree 2 (Alberto Perelli)
Jan 19: Forms in many variables and differing degrees (Julia Brandes)
Jan 26: Minimal representations (Samuel Patterson)
Feb 2: Higher order expansions and the circle method (Damaris Schindler)
Feb 6: 2. Göttingen-Hannover Number Theory Workshop

summer term 2014

Apr 28: Metaplectic theta functions over rational function fields II (Samuel Patterson)
May 5: Sums and differences of powerfree numbers (Julia Brandes)
May 12: The divisor function on average (Lasse Grimmelt)
May 19: Sparse variance for k-free numbers in arithmetic progressions (Fabian Dehnert)
May 26: Diophantine equation in moderately many variables (Oscar Marmon)
Jun 2: L-functions and Kloosterman sums (Valentin Blomer)
Jun 9: Pentecost Monday - no seminar
Jun 16: Quadratic forms with congruence conditions over number fields (Lutz Helfrich)
Jun 23: A variance for k-free twins (Tomos Parry)
Jun 30: Test functions in the trace formula: analysis and combinatorics (Valentin Blomer)
Jul 7: A matrix counting problem (Péter Maga)
Jul 21: Sums of two squares coprime in pairs (Jörg Brüdern)
Aug 20: n-level densities of Artin L-functions (Henry Kim)

winter term 2013/14

Oct 28: Shifted squares, sifted (John Friedlander)
Nov 4: A non-commutative lattice point problem (Valentin Blomer)
Nov 11: Local behaviour of Iwasawa invariants (Sören Kleine)
Nov 13: Public colloquium: spectral methods in number theory Nov 18: Sums of two squares in thin sequences (Jörg Brüdern)
Nov 25: A multidimensional version of Birch's theorem (Julia Brandes)
Dec 2: Quartic exponential sums d'après P. E. Herman (Samuel Patterson)
Dec 9: Asymptotic formulae for moments of L-functions (Ian Petrow)
Dec 16: Periods of L-functions (Valentin Blomer)
Jan 6: Linear algebra in sums of three cubes (Jörg Brüdern)
Jan 13: The density of twins of k-free numbers II (Oscar Marmon)
Jan 20: The transfer operator method (Anke Pohl)
Jan 27: Smoothness and discrete logarithm (Razvan Barbulescu)
Feb 3: Metaplectic theta functions over rational function fields (Samuel Patterson)

summer term 2013

Apr 8: Approximations to Weyl sums (Jörg Brüdern)
Apr 22: Zeros of p-adic forms (Jan Dumke)
May 6: Odd and even Maass cusp forms for Hecke triangle groups, and the billiard flow (Anke Pohl)
May 20: Pentecost Monday - no seminar
June 3: Search bounds for zeros of rational cubic forms (Lutz Helfrich)
June 17: On the 4-norm of an automorphic form in the level aspect I (Rizwan Khan)
June 24: On the 4-norm of an automorphic form in the level aspect II (Jack Buttcane)
July 1: Primality testing using CIDE (Jens Franke)

winter term 2012/13

Oct 22: Prime orbit theorem (Tomos Parry)
Oct 29: Anisotropic diagonal forms (Jörg Brüdern)
Nov 5: The average of L4-norms of holomorphic cusp forms (Rizwan Khan)
Nov 12: Distributions of Frobenius in GL-extensions generated by generic Drinfeld modules (Alina Cojocaru)
Nov 19: The density of twins of k-free numbers (Oscar Marmon)
Nov 26: A new view of primitivity of Dirichlet characters (Nathan Jones)
Dec 3: Frobenius fields for elliptic curves (Alina Cojocaru)
Dec 10: Towards an arithmetic Riemann-Roch theorem for weighted pointed stable curves (Anna von Pippich)
Dec 17: Forms in many variables and p-adic solubility (Julia Brandes)
Jan 7: Subconvexity for additive equations (Jörg Brüdern)
Jan 14: A Sato-Tate law for GL(3) (Valentin Blomer)
Jan 21: Anomalous intersections in diophantine geometry (Francesco Veneziano)
Feb 4: Sums of GL(3) Kloosterman sums (Jack Buttcane)
Feb 28: Short exponential sums with Fourier coefficients of cusp forms (Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytönen)

summer term 2012

Apr 23: Small solutions of diophantine equations on average (Jörg Brüdern)
Apr 30: The arithmetic of squareful numbers (Valentin Blomer)
May 7: Sub-Weyl subconvexity and short p-adic exponential sums (Djordje Milićević)
May 14: The subconvexity problem for double Dirichlet series (Benoît Louvel)
May 21: Weak Leopoldt (Preda Mihăilescu)
May 28: Pentecost Monday - no seminar
Jun 4: Conference "Analytic methods for Diophantine equations"
Jun 11: Kloosterman sums in residue classes (Valentin Blomer)
Jun 18: Spacings in arithmetic sequences (Rizwan Khan)
Jun 25: Arithmeticity for periods of automorphic forms (A. Raghuram)
Jul 2: Diophantine representation in thin sequences (Stefan Baur)
Jul 9: Artin's primitive root conjecture and related problems (Christopher Ambrose)
Jul 16: A transfer operator approach to period functions for Maass cusp forms (Anke Pohl)
Jul 20: Harmonic analysis and amplification on locally symmetric spaces (Simon Marshall)

winter term 2011/2012

Oct 31: K-invariance of the Arthur trace formula (Marc Palm)
Nov 7: A paucity estimate for Newton sums of odd degree (Olivier Robert)
Nov 14: Smooth values of binary forms (Valentin Blomer)
Nov 21: On a theorem attributed to myself (Samuel Patterson)
Nov 28: An algebraic Sato-tate group and Sato-Tate conjecture (Grzegorz Banaszak)
Dec 5: On exponential sums with coefficients of certain Dirichlet series (Stephan Baier)
Dez 12: The capitulation problem in class field theory (Tobias Bembom)
Dez 19: Large sieve inequalities for the power residue symbol (Benoît Louvel)
Jan 9: The first moment of Salie sums (Benoît Louvel)
Jan 16: Regular irregularities in the distribution of primes (Jörg Brüdern)
Jan 23: ABC for quintic Gauss sums (Samuel Patterson)
Jan 30: Atkin-Lehner theory for GL(n) (Deniz Balakci)
Feb 6: The L4-norm of holomorphic cusp forms (Rizwan Khan)

summer term 2011

Apr 11: Trace formulas, character sums, and multiple Dirichlet series (Adrian Diaconu)
Apr 18: Rational points on quartic surfaces (Markus Hanselmann)
Apr 25: Easter Monday - no seminar
May 2: Efficient congruencing (Trevor Wooley)
May 9: Hecke eigenvalues at Piatetski-Shapiro primes (Stephan Baier)
May 16: Rational points of del Pezzo surfaces of degree 2 (Stephan Baier)
May 23: Quadratic polynomials represented by norms (Tim Browning)
May 30: Simultaneous non-vanishing of GL(3) x GL(2) and GL(3) L-functions (Rizwan Khan)
June 6: Newton sums and paucity (Jörg Brüdern)
June 8: Primes in arithmetic progressions to spaced moduli (Roger Baker)
June 13: Pentecost Monday - no seminar
June 20: p-adic L-functions and Iwasawa theory (Sören Kleine)
July 4: Trace formulas in number theory I: GL(1) and GL(2) (Valentin Blomer)
July 11: Trace formulas in number theory II: GL(3) (Valentin Blomer)

winter term 2010/2011

Nov 1: Limit-periodic functions I (Jörg Brüdern)
Nov 8: Limit-periodic functions II (Jörg Brüdern)
Nov 15: Limit-periodic functions III (Jörg Brüdern)
Nov 22: Universality of L-functions (Marc Palm)
Nov 29: Double Dirichlet L-series (Valentin Blomer)
Dec 6: On the order of vanishing of modular L-functions at the critical point (Deniz Balakci)
Dec 13: Sup-norms of eigenfunctions on arithmetic manifolds (Valentin Blomer)
Dec 20: Manin's conjecture for multi-linear forms (Jörg Brüdern)
Jan 10: Group ring actions and capitulation theory (Christopher Ambrose)
Jan 17: Shifted multiple Dirichlet series and moments of L-series (Jeff Hoffstein)
Jan 24: Class numbers of cyclotomic fields (Sören Kleine)
Jan 31: The arithmetic of cubic forms (Stefan Baur)
Feb 7: Hooley's Delta-function (Jörg Brüdern)