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Prof. Y. Tschinkel started in 2004 a new computer lab, called Gauss Lab, based on four 32-bit servers (gauss00-gauss03) to work on issues in algebraic number theory, cryptography, computer algebra, algebraic, geometry, group theory and mathematical physics.

Modern pure mathematic starts to use more an more computer technology to solve algebraic problems. For example: The consideration of a single cubic equation with four variables leads to a secondary system of equations with 81 equations with 27 variables. The resulting symmetry group contains 50,000 elements. To discover correlations in such complex systems needs advanced computing technology.

The resources of the Gauss Lab were soon exhausted. The donation of four high performance double processor 64-bit Opteron Server by SUN Microsystems (gauss04-gauss07) to the Mathematics Institute at the end of the year 2004 enabled us to develop new algorithms using the 64-bit structure of the machines and to extend in general the use of this kind of computers to work on issues in pure mathematic. To push the project the Mathematics Institute spent significant amounts for additional hardware, software and staff. Results are published in the important journals for pure mathematic and listed at the webpage mentioned above.

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