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Mathematica Gottingensis

Welcome at the preprint server of the Mathematics Department of the Georg-August University in Göttingen. The preprint series Mathematica Gottingensis continues the preprint series of the former Sonderforschungsbereich Geometrie und Analysis. In the moment there are electronic versions from the following years: 1995, 1996, 1997. 1998. 1999. 2000. 2001. 2002. 2003. 2004. 2005. 2006. 2007.

The files are avaiable in DVI or postcript format and are compressed via the command gzip and can be uncompressed via the command gzip -d. For publishing a paper in this series there is a description. To add an abstract with MSC code to a paper in this series there is also a special form. To print a paper there es another form. But both of some are only avaiable from our local system.

A lot of more mathematical preprint servers from all over the worls and all subject areas of mathematics can be found on the homepage of our Mathematics Information Server.

Year 2007

01/2007 [dvi.gz] [abstract]
Inga Blomer, Towards the Atiyah Conjecture for Link Groups and their Extensions

Year 2006

09/2006 [ps.gz] [abstract]
Mihailescu Preda, Dual Elliptic Primes and applications to cyclotomic primality proving
08/2006 [ps.gz] [abstract]
Mihailescu Preda, Cyclotomy Primality Proofs and their Certificates
07/2006 [ps.gz] [abstract]
Robert Waldm\"uller, Products and push-forwards in twisted cohomology theories
06/2006 [dvi.gz] [abstract]
Preda Mihailescu, A Cyclotomic Investigation of the Catalan -- Fermat Conjecture
05/2006 [dvi.gz] [abstract]
Preda Mihailescu, Elliptic Curve Gauss Sums and Counting Points.
04/2006 [dvi.gz] [abstract]
Preda Mihailescu, Class Number Conditions for the Diagonal Case of the Equation of Nagell -- Ljunggren
03/2006 [dvi.gz] [abstract]
Mihailescu Preda, On polynomials in $\F_q[X]$ with abelian lifts and their factorization.
02/2006 [ps.gz] [abstract]
Andreas-Stephan Elsenhans, Mehrdimensionale Kettenbr\"uche \"uber Funktionenk\"orpern unter Verwendung affiner Bruhat-Tits-Geb\"aude
01/2006 [ps.gz] [abstract]
Bernd Grave, Coarse geometry and asymptotic dimension

Year 2005

03/2005 [ps.gz] [abstract]
Ingo Bulla, Existenz und Eindeutigkeit von Loesungen linearer elliptischer partieller Differentialgleichungen mit distributivem Quellterm
02/2005 [ps.gz] [abstract]
Zoran Nikoli\'c, Beitr\"age zur Theorie der Homotopiedarstellungen
01/2005 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Jan-Philipp Hoffmann, Induktionstheorie kompakter Lie-Gruppen

Year 2004

06/2004 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Bondarko M.V., Finite flat commutative group schemes over complete discrete valuation rings III: classification, tangent spaces, and semistable reduction of Abelian varieties
05/2004 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
B. O. Stratmann; M. Urbanski, Diophantine Extremality of the Patterson Measure
04/2004 [ps.Z] [abstract]
M. Stadlbauer, B. O. Stratmann, A remark on densities of hyperbolic dimensions for conformal iterated function systems with applications to conformal dynamics and fractal number theory
03/2004 [ps.Z] [abstract]
M.Kesseboehmer,B.O.Stratmann, A multifractal analysis for Stern-Brocot intervals]{A multifractal analysis for Stern-Brocot intervals, continued fractions and Diophantine growth rates
02/2004 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Florian Sobieczky, Zur Anzahl der Zusammenhangskomponenten von Urbildern station\"arer, ergodischer Felder
01/2004 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Denise Steliana Rey, The Informational Order in Ranked Set Sampling Experiments

Year 2003

14/2003 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Robert Samuel Simon, Escape Games
13/2003 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Robert Samuel Simon, Value and Perfection in Stochastic Games
12/2003 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Charlotte Wahl, A noncommutative index theorem\\for a manifold with boundary\\and cylindric ends\\Part II
11/2003 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Charlotte Wahl, A noncommutative index theorem \\ for a manifold with boundary \\ and cylindric ends \\ Part I
10/2003 [ps.Z] [abstract]
M. Stadlbauer, B.O. Stratmann, Infinite Ergodic Theory for Kleinian Groups
09/2003 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
B.O. Stratmann, Fractal Geometry on Hyperbolic Manifolds
08/2003 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Winfried Frisch, The cohomology of $S$-arithmetic spin groups and related Bruhat-Tits-buildings\\ Part III: The cohomology of Spin$(8,Z[\frac{1}{2}])$
07/2003 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Winfried Frisch, The cohomology of $S$-arithmetic spin groups and related Bruhat-Tits-buildings\\ Part II: cohomological theory
06/2003 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Winfried Frisch, The cohomology of $S$-arithmetic spin groups and related Bruhat-Tits-buildings\\ Part I: The Bruhat-Tits-building
05/2003 [ps.Z] [abstract]
K. Falk, B.O. Stratmann, Remarks on Hausdorff Dimensions for Transient Limit Sets of Kleinian Groups
04/2003 [ps.Z] [abstract]
B.O. Stratmann, M. Urbanski, Multifractal Analysis for Parabolically Semihyperbolic Generalized Polynomial-Like Map
03/2003 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Frank Neumann;Ulrich Stuhler, Moduli stacks of vector bundles and Frobenius morphisms
02/2003 [ps.Z] [abstract]
J\"org Jahnel, The Brauer-Severi variety associated with a central simple algebra: A survey
01/2003 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Paola Frediani;Frank Neumann, Etale homotopy types of moduli stacks of algebraic curves with symmetries

Year 2002

06/2002 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
K. Falk; B.O. Stratmann, Constructing Restricted Patterson Measures for Geometrically Infinite Kleinian Groups
05/2002 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Manuel Stadlbauer, The Bowen - Series map for some free groups
04/2002 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Ulrich Stuhler, Canonical parabolic subgroups of Arakelov group schemes: The function field case
03/2002 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Md. Shahidul Islam , Non-linear Age-time Dependent Population Dynamics
02/2002 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Robert Samuel Simon, A Proof of the Vieille Result using a Kind of Discount Factor
01/2002 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Bernd O. Stratmann, Mariusz Urbanski, Real Analyticity of Topological Pressure \\ for Parabolically Semihyperbolic Generalized Polynomial-Like Maps

Year 2001

11/2001 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Oliver Schmitt, Remarks on the Generator-Problem Part 2
10/2001 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Oliver Schmitt, Remarks on the Generator-Problem Part 1
09/2001 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Fabio Tonoli, Construction of Calabi-Yau \\3-folds in ${\bf P}^6$
07/2001 [ps.Z] [abstract]
M.H. Kesseboehmer; B.O. Stratmann, A Multifractal Formalism for Growth Rates and Applications to Geometrically Finite Kleinian Groups
06/2001 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Winfried Frisch, On the Bruhat-Tits-Building of Unitary Groups: Simultaneous Diagonalization of Real Norms
05/2001 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Robert Samuel Simon, Games of Incomplete Information, Ergodic Theory, and the Measurability of Equilibria
04/2001 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Zhaozhi Fan, Estimation Problems for Distributions with Heavy Tails
03/2001 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Robert Samuel Simon, A Topological Solution to Quitting Games
02/2001 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Brice Franke, Heat Content Inequalities for Diffusions on Manifolds
01/2001 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Bernd O. Stratmann, The Exponent of Convergence of Kleinian Groups; on a Theorem of Bishop and Jones

Year 2000

20/2000 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Fabrizio Catanese; Paola Frediani, Real hyperelliptic surfaces and the orbifold fundamental group
19/2000 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Mario Roy, On Gibbs Families for Fibrewise Expansive Systems
18/2000 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Paul Albert Besold, Solutions to Stochastic Partial Differential Equations as Elements of Tensor Product Spaces
17/2000 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Arne Bathke, Die Hoeffding-Zerlegung in Linearen Modellen
16/2000 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Susanne Margret Koch, Konstruktion eines Poissonrandes f\"ur Halbgruppen
15/2000 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Armin M\"uller, Stochastische parabolische partielle Differentialgleichungen und optimale Impulskontrolle
14/2000 [ps.Z] [abstract]
S. Manfredini, R. Pignatelli, Chisini's conjecture for curves with singularities of type $\{x^n=y^m\}$.
13/2000 [ps.Z] [abstract]
B.O. Stratmann; M. Urbanski; M. Zinsmeister , Well-Approximable Points for Julia Sets with Parabolic and Critical Points
12/2000 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Marc Kesseb{\"o}hmer, Bounds for Poisson limit laws for sums of dependent random variables
11/2000 [ps.Z] [abstract]
B.O. Stratmann; M. Urbanski, Metrical Diophantine Analysis For Tame Parabolic Iterated Function Systems
10/2000 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Demir, Selcuk, On the Representation Theory of Automorphism Groups of Homogeneous Bruhat-Tits Trees
09/2000 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Meng Chen, The $\phi_4$ of Gorenstein 3-folds of general type
08/2000 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Fabrizio Catanese; Cecilia Trifogli, Focal Loci of Algebraic Varieties I
07/2000 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Marc Keßeböhmer, Large deviation for weak Gibbs measures and multifractal spectra
06/2000 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
J.Peter May; Frank Neumann, On the cohomology of generalized homogeneous spaces
05/2000 [ps.Z (1)] [ps.Z (2)] [abstract]
Adel Mohamed Mahmoud Omar, Prediction intervals for future ordered observations in doubly type-II censored samples from a two parameter exponential distribution.
04/2000 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Atsushi Imai, Pentakun, the mod 5 Markov chain and a Martin boundary
03/2000 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Stefan-M. Heinemann; Oliver Schmitt, Rokhlin's Lemma for Non-Invertible Maps
02/2000 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Stefan-M. Heinemann; Bernd O. Stratmann, Geometric Exponents for Hyperbolic Julia Sets /
01/2000 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Sofia Lambropoulou, Braid groups related to knot complements, handlebodies and 3-manifolds

Year 1999

18/1999 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Bernd O. Stratmann, A Note on Geometric Upper Bounds for the Exponent of Convergence of Convex Cocompact Kleinian Groups
17/1999 [ps.Z] [abstract] [color ps.Z]
A. Hinkkanen; B. Krauskopf; H. Kriete, Growing a Baker domain from attracting islands I: The dynamics of the limit function
16/1999 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Steffen Wekeck, Über eine alternative Totalauszahlung für stochastische Spiele
15/1999 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Wolfgang Schwarzwäller, Eigenschaften der Filtrationen Brownscher Bewegungen auf Mannigfaltigkeiten
14/1999 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Norbert Hoffmann , Verallgemeinerte Garben über einer algebraischen Kurve
13/1999 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Marc Keßeböhmer, Multifraktale und Asymptotiken großer Deviationen
12/1999 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Thomas Gerlach, Die Streuung zeitharmonischer elektromagnetischer Wellen an chiralen Medien -- Teil II --
11/1999 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Thomas Gerlach, Die Streuung zeitharmonischer elektromagnetischer Wellen an chiralen Medien -- Teil I --
10/1999 [ps.Z] [abstract]
J. William Hoffman; Steven H. Weintraub, The Siegel Modular Variety of Degree Two and Level Three
09/1999 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Fabrizio Catanese; Roberto Pignatelli, On simply connected Godeaux surfaces
08/1999 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Fabrizio Catanese, Singular bidouble covers and the construction of interesting algebraic surfaces
07/1999 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Holger Reich, Group von Neumann Algebras and Related Algebras
06/1999 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Stefan-M. Heinemann, Shilov Boundary, Dynamics and Entropy in C2
04/1999 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Hartje Kriete; Hiroki Sumi, Semihyperbolic transcentental semigroups
03/1999 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Ingrid C. Bauer, Surfaces with pg = 4 and K2 = 7.
02/1999 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Bernd O. Stratmann; Mariusz Urbanski, Jarnik and Julia; a Diophantine Analysis for Parabolic Rational Maps
01/1999 [ps.Z] [abstract]
Bernd O. Stratmann, Weak Singularity Spectra of the Patterson measure for Geometrically Finite Kleinian Groups with Parabolic Elements

Year 1998

13/1998 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Friedemann Lucius, Kronecker's divisor theory and the generalization of notions and theorems of classical algebraic number theory to Krull domains
12/1998 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Reinhard Häring-Oldenburg, Birman-Murakami-Wenzl Algebren des Coxeter Typs B
11/1998 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Amineh Afaneh, Zopfgruppenoperationen auf Quantengruppen
09/98 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
B.O. Stratmann; M. Urbanski, The Geometry of Conformal Measures for Parabolic Rational Maps
08/98 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
K. Simon; B. Solomyak; M. Urbanski, Parabolic Iterated Function Systems with Overlaps I
05/98 [.dvi.Z] [abstract]
Hiroki Sumi, Dynamics of Sub-hyperbolic and Semi-hyperbolic Rational Semigroups
04/98 [.ps.Z]
Peter Otte, Integralformeln für Abschnittsdeterminanten linearer Operatoren
03/98 [.ps.Z]
Pau Atela and Hartje Kriete, Cantor goes Julia
02/98 [.dvi.Z]
Gesa Ott, Stabil lineare Homotopiedarstellungen
01/98 [.ps.Z]
St.-M. Heinemann and B.O. Stratmann, Quadratic polynomials with Julia sets of Hausdorff dimension close to 2

Year 1997

25/97 [.ps.Z]
Sofia Lambropoulou, Knot theory related to generalized and cyclotomic Hecke algebras of type B
24/97 [.dvi.Z] [abstract]
Frank Neumann, A Theorem of Tits, Normalizers of Maximal Tori and Fibrewise Bousfield-Kan Completions
23/1997 [dvi.Z] [abstract]
Fabrizio Catanese, Fibred surfaces, varieties isogenous to a product and related moduli spaces
22/97 [.dvi.Z]
Fabrizio Catanese, Claude LeBrun, On the Scalar Curvature of Einstein Manifolds
21/97 [.ps.Z]
Deng, An-Wen, Varietät mit der Hardy-Littlewoodschen Eigenschaft
19/97 [.dvi.Z]
Dietrich Notbohm, Spaces with Polynomial mod-p Cohomology
18/97 [.dvi.Z]
Hartje Kriete, Recurrence and Rotation
17/97 [.dvi.Z]
Fabrizio Catanese, Homological Algebra and Algebraic Surfaces
16/97 [.dvi.Z]
Jörg Rheinländer, Charakterisierung der Generatoren dynamischer Halbgruppen
15/97 [.dvi.Z]
Olaf Wittich, Eine Invarianzeigenschaft Brownscher Bewegung und Transformationen der Feynman - Kac - Formel
14/97 [.ps.Z]
Stefan-M. Heinemann, Julia sets of Skew Products in C2
13/97 [.dvi.Z] [abstract]
Frank Neumann, Torsion in the Cohomology of Finite Loop Spaces and the Eilenberg-Moore Spectral Sequence.
12/97 [.ps.Z]
Ulrike Reichenbach, Modultheorie von Burnsideringen endlicher Gruppen.
11/97 [.dvi.Z]
Bernd Beyerstedt, Wahrscheinlichkeits-Inhalte, Nonstandard-Methoden und Zahlentheorie.
10/97 [.dvi.Z] [abstract]
Frank Neumann, On the Cohomology of Homogeneous Spaces of Finite Loop Spaces and the Eilenberg-Moore Spectral Sequence.
09/97 [.dvi.Z]
Dietrich Notbohm, For which pseudo reflection groups are the p-adic polynomial invariants again a polynomial algebra ?
08/97 [.dvi.Z]
Dietrich Notbohm, Topological Realization of a Family of Pseudo Reflection Groups.
07/97 [.ps.Z]
Friedemann Lucius, Ringe mit einer Theorie des größten gemeinsamen Teilers.
06/97 [.dvi.Z]
Helmut Morgenroth, Homotopieeindeutigkeit von Produkten Orthogonaler Gruppen.
05/97 [.ps.Z]
M. Denker, S.M. Heinemann, B. Stratmann (eds.), Workshop on "Fractals and Dynamics"
04/97 [.dvi.Z]
Simon Waddington, Large Deviation Asymptotics for a Suspension Flow over the Natural Extension of the Continued Fraction Map.
03/97 [.dvi.Z]
Jon Aaronson and Manfred Denker, The Poinceré series of C \ Z.
02/97 [.dvi.Z]
Jon Aaronson and Manfred Denker, Distributional limits for hyperbolic, infinite volume geodesic flows.
01/97 [.dvi.Z]
Jon Aaronson and Manfred Denker, Local limit theorems for Gibbs-Markov maps.

Year 1996

16/96 [.dvi.Z]
Simon Waddington, Dirichlet Forms and Diffusion on Self-similar Fractals in Euclidean Spaces.
15/96 [.dvi.Z]
Gunther Wellhausen, Fourierkoeffizienten von Thetafunktionen sechster Ordnung.
14/96 [.dvi.Z]
Jon Aaronson and Manfred Denker, Characteristic functions of random variables attracted to 1-stable laws.
13/96 [.dvi.Z]
Ulrich Armbrüster, Konstruktion spezieller Holomorphiehüllen.
12/96 [.ps.Z] [.dvi.Z]
Hans Grauert, Euclidean and pseudo Euclidean geometry.
11/96 [.ps.Z]
Michael Authenrieth, Verallgemeinerte "Small Cancellation" Theorie.
10/96 [.dvi.Z]
Frank Betten, Kausale Kompaktifizierung kompakt-kausaler Räume.
09/96 [.ps.Z] [.dvi.Z] [abstract]
Frank Neumann, Der Satz von Bott für Liesche Schleifenräume und die Eilenberg-Moore-Spektralsequenz.
08/96 [.ps.Z] [.dvi.Z]
Michael Tüxen, Reelle Räume.
07/96 [.ps.Z]
Ulrich Armbrüster, Fortsetzungsaussagen für Kohomologieklassen.
06/96 [.dvi.Z]
Simon Waddington, The Spectral Zeta Function for P.C.F. Self-similiar Fractals.
05/96 [.ps.Z]
Stefan-M. Heinemann, A Note on the Dynamics of Homogeneous Maps.
04/96 [.dvi.Z]
Wolfgang Bauer, Der Thetalift reell-analytischer Eisenstein- und Poincaréreihen.
03/96 [.ps.Z]
Hartje Kriete, Approximation of indifferent cycles.
02/96 [.ps.Z] [.dvi.Z] [abstract]
Frank Neumann, Quillen spectral sequences in homology and rational homotopy of cofibrations.
01/96 [.ps.Z]
Bernd Stratmann, Reinhardt Vogt, Fractal Dimensions for Dissipative Sets.

Year 1995

44/95 [.ps.Z]
Stefan-M. Heinemann, Jordan Tori as Julia Sets in C2.
35/95 [.ps.Z]
Hartje Kriete, Closing lemma for meromorphic functions.
06/95 [.ps.Z]
Stefan-M. Heinemann, Julia Sets for Endomorphisms of Cn.
05/95 [.ps.Z]
Bernd Krauskopf und Hartje Kriete, On the Convergence of Hyperbolic Components in Families of Finite Type.
04/95 [.ps.Z]
Hartje Kriete, Repellors and the Stability of Julia Sets.
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