K-Theory, C*-Algebras and Index Theory

November 1 - 5, 2010 in Göttingen


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Registration fee:

30 Euro. The registration fee can be waved for active participants (speaker/poster).


Limited funding is available to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

Supported by

- DFG-RFBR network "K-Theory, C*-Algebras and Index Theory"
- the Courant Research Centre "Higher Order Structures in Mathematics"

Speakers include:

Paul Baum (Penn State)
Dan Burghelea (Ohio State)
Siegfried Echterhoff (Münster)  
Alexander Helemskii (Moscow)  
Yuri Kordyukov (Ufa)  
Julia Kuznetsova (Luxembourg)  
Wolfgang Lück (Münster)  
Ralf Meyer (Göttingen)  
Alexander Mishchenko (Moscow)  
Andreas Thom (Leipzig)  
Stanislav Woronowicz (Warsaw)  

Thomas Schick

Mathematisches Institut
Bunsenstr. 3-5
D-37073 Göttingen
Michael Frank
University of Applied Sciences (HTWK) Leipzig

Evgenii Troitsky
Alexander Mishchenko
Alexander Pavlov
Moscow State University
for all enquiries please contact:
Claudia Gabler