Travel information to Göttingen

By air:

- Hannover airport (the train to Göttingen takes approx. 1 h)
- Frankfurt/Main airport (the train to Göttingen takes approx. 2:15)
- Hamburg airport (the train to Göttingen takes approx. 2:45)

By train:

To find a suitable train connection, please use this link:
(Göttingen has only one train station, which called: Hauptbahnhof.)
By car:

A7 /Exit Göttingen/Dransfeld:
Approaching from Hannover (B3) or from Braunlage (B27)


Youth Hostel:

If you want informations about the hostle, please use this link: (available in german)

Map Hostel


Leinehotel , Groner Landstrasse 55, D-37081 Göttingen

Map Leine Hotel

Other Hotels:

up to 50,- Euro:

Hotel Rennschuh, Kasseler Landstrasse 93, D-37081 Göttingen

Hotel Zum Stresemann, Stresemannstrasse 27, D-37083 Göttingen

Hotel Novostar, Kasseler Landstrasse 25D, D-37081 Göttingen

Hotel Weender Hof, Hannoversche Strasse 150, D-37077 Göttingen

Hotel Zum weißen Roß, Hannoversche Strasse 128, D-37077 Göttingen

up to 60,- Euro:

Hotel Central, Jüdenstrasse 12, D-37073 Göttingen

Astoria Hotel, Hannoversche Strasse 51/53, D-37075 Göttingen

Intercity Hotel, Bahnhofsallee 1a, D-37081 Göttingen

Hotel Schweizer Hof, Kasseler Landstrasse 118/120, D-37081 Göttingen

Hotel Clarion , Kasseler Landstrasse 45, D-37081 Göttingen

up to 100,- Euro:

Hotel Stadt Hannover, Goetheallee 21, D-37073 Göttingen

NH Hotel, Kasseler Landstrasse 25c, D-37081 Göttingen

Eden-Hotel, Reinhäuser Landstrasse 22a, D-37083 Göttingen

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