I am giving the first part of the course Algebraic Curves (28 lectures,
joint with Emma Carberry) at the ICE-EM/AMSI Summer School 2006,
held at RMIT, Melbourne, from 16.01.06 to 10.02.06.


I will collect here some material for my 14 lectures:
  • Course description [pdf]
  • Link to the schedule for week 1 and week 2 of the Summer School
  • Informal lecture notes for my half of the course [pdf]
  • 1st Assignment [pdf], due on Monday 23.01.06
  • 2nd Assignment [pdf], due on Monday 30.01.06
  • Solutions to the 1st Assignment [pdf]
  • Solutions to the 2nd Assignment [pdf]
  • Solutions to Griffiths's Test Problems I (pp. 207-208) [pdf]
  • Take-home Exam 10.02.06-27.02.06 [pdf], due on 01.03.06
  • Solutions to Part I of the take-home Exam [pdf]

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