Fabrizio Catanese
Fibred surfaces, varieties isogenous to a product and related moduli spaces
Preprint series: Mathematica Gottingensis
14E20 Coverings, fundamental group (mappings)
14J29 Surfaces of general type
Abstract: \vspace{1cm}\no
{\bf This article is dedicated to the memory of Fernando Serrano}

{\bf Contents of the paper:}
\item[1.] Fundamental groups cannot determine.
\item [2.] Basic results on fibred surfaces, and differentiable invariance of the fibre.
\item[3.] Surfaces isogenous to a product.
\item[4.] The fundamental group of surfaces isogenous to a product, and the irreducibility
of their moduli space.
\item[5.] Topological characterizations of surfaces carrying a constant moduli fibration.
\item[6.] The fundamental group and moduli spaces.
\item[7.] Results in the higher dimensional case.
Keywords: Fundamental groups, product varieties , pencils, moduli, constant moduli fibrations