Analysis and Topology in Interaction 2017

Conference in Cortona, Italy; June 25-July 1, 2017

Purpose of the conference

Topology and Analysis had and have numerous fruitful points of contact and mutual application. These will be explored further at the conference, in particular in: bordism theory, spectral geometry, surgery theory, higher homotopy theory, singular and foliated spaces, (large scale) index theory of elliptic operators.

Beside about 20 talks, there will be ample time and opportunity for discussions.
Cortona is a beautiful town in the Tuscan hills; the conference will be held in "Il Palazzone", a renaissance villa owned by the
Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa. In the early summer this is the perfect stimulating environment to concentrate on mathematics in general and the interaction of analysis and topolgoy in particular.

Organizers: Wolfgang Lück (Bonn), Richard Melrose (MIT), Paolo Piazza (Roma), Oscar Randal-Williams (Cambridge), Thomas Schick (Göttingen)


Because of limited capacity, participation is by invitation only. This capacity is now reached, so the participation list is essentially closed. For further details, contact Paolo Piazza (


Most participants will stay in Hotel Oasi Neumann, a converted monastery with a special charme, very close to the conference venue. On Sunday, Il Pallazone will be closed (except for the participants which stay there), so that all participants which don't stay there and arrive before Monday should go to their hotel (Oasi Neumann) and not to Il Palazzone.


Talks commence Monday, June 25 in the morning. The conference ends around Friday, June 30, 5 pm; departure day is then Saturday, July 1. There will be no talks Wednesday afternoon. Part of the schedule will be decided during the conference (Oberwolfach style). The focus is on interaction and discussions, not all participants will be able to give a talk. We plan a social dinner on Thursday night, and organize an excursion for Wednesday afternoon.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-9:55 Peter Teichner Johannes Ebert 9:00-9:25 Fabian Hebestreit (slides); 9:30-9:55: Simone Cecchini Mathai Varghese (slides)< Nelia Charalambous
10:00-10:55 Claire Debord (slides) Diarmuid Crowley: 10:00-10:25 Markus Land George Skandalis (slides) Christian Bär (slides)
11:30-12:25 Jean-Michel Bismut (slides) Johannes Nordström (slides) 11:00-11:25: Xuwen Zhu (slides); 11:30-11:55 Vito Zenobi; 12:00-12:25 Rudolf Zeidler (slides) Hang Wang Michael Joachim (slides)<
12:30-16:30 Lunch & break Lunch & break 12:45Lunch, free afternoon, possible excursion to Piero della Francesca Lunch & break Lunch
16:30-17:25 Pierre Albin Jim Davis (slides) Jesse Gell-Redman 14:00 Bernhard Hanke
17:30-18:25 Chris Kottke Bernd Ammann (slides) Boris Botvinnik 15:00 Frederic Rochon
Abstracts of the talks; and pdf of the program


This is a conference of Instituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica Francesco Severi, together with the DFG Priority Programme "Geometry at Infinity". Further support is provided by

Conference venue

cortona               palazzone

Cortona is a small town in southern Tuscany, going back Etruscan time, situated on a hill 20km North of Lake Trasimeno. Place of the meeting is the "Palazzone", a 16th century castle 2km outside of Cortona in a typical Tuscan landscape of olive and wine gardens. The Palazzone is owned by the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, who rents it to the Instituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica for several meetings every year.

How to reach Cortona

Il Palazzone is located outside the massive ancient town walls of Cortona, and can be reached by a pleasant walk away from the center of Cortona (about 1,5 Km: you walk from Piazzale Garibaldi on Via Gino Severini and along the way you will find several tourist signs for reaching Il Palazzone). Here is a google map (Piazza Garibaldi (bus stop) to Palazzone). To Hotel Oasi Neumann one has to take the lower road at the last intersection a google map from Piazza Garibalid (bus stop in Cortona) to Oasi Neumann.
By Train: There are two railway stations, Terontola-Cortona (10 km to center) and Camucia-Cortona (5 km to center), on the track from Florence to Rome (one hour from Florence, and two hours from Rome, Siena, or Pisa). Both stations are connected to Cortona by an infrequent bus, or you take a taxi. The train schedules can be obtained from the official timetable of the Italian Railroad company Trenitalia, or alternatively at the German Rail company DB, which also covers non-Italian stations.

For train travel from Florence, Cortona Camucia is recommended (as closer); from Rome we recommend Cortona Terontola. When looking for trains from Florence or Rome, keep in mind that they might start at different stations: Roma Tiburtina or Roma Termini, Firenze SMN, Firenze Campo di Marte.

Taxi service (from abroad add ++39 before the number).
By car: Autostrada del Sole (State Highway A1, red on the map):"Valdichiana" Exit. Upon exiting the highway, take the Siena-Perugia State Road (green on the map ) and continue towards Perugia. There are 3 possible turn-offs for Cortona: Cortona via Manzano, Cortona via Laurentana and Cortona via Strada Statale 71 (State Road 71). In this latter case, at Camucia there is a deviation for Cortona and Citt?di Castello (the Umbran-Cortonese Province Road).
The closest airport is Florence, but for inter-continental flights is Rome. Another option is Pisa. From there, continue by train.
Maps: Map of Cortona; Exendend map of Cortona (including the Palazzone).
Some of the information and design of this web-page is based on the webpage for Geometric group theory, random walks and harmonic analysis, Cortona 2004, other information is based on the webpage for The interplay of Algebra and Geometry, Cortona 2009.