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Analysis and Topology in Interaction

Conference in Cortona, Italy, June 16-20, 2008

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Purpose of the conference

Topology and Analysis have had numerous fruitful points of contact and mutual application in the past. Nonetheless, we feel that a lot of further insights can be gained from a closer relationship.
Our plan is to have about 25 lectures in total during the week and the general topics we had in mind include: Smooth K-theory, elliptic cohomology, surgery theory, elliptic operators and loop spaces. There will be ample time and opportunity for discussions.
Cortona is a beautiful little town in the Tuscan hills; the conference will be held in "Il Palazzone", a renaissance villa owned by the
Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa. In the early summer this is the perfect stimulating environment to concentrate on mathematics in general and the interaction of analysis and topolgoy in particular.
Arrival day is Sunday, Jun 15, talks commence Monday, Jun 16 in the morning. The conference ends around Friday, Jun 20, 5 pm; departure day is then Saturday, Jun 21. There will be no talks Wednesday afternooon.


Paul Baum (Penn State), Richard Melrose (MIT) , Paolo Piazza (Rome), Thomas Schick (Göttingen), David Ellwood (Clay Institute)

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Cortona is a small town in southern Tuscany, going back Etruscan time, situated on a hill 20km North of Lake Trasimeno. Place of the meeting is the "Palazzone", a 16th century castle 2km outside of Cortona in a typical Tuscan landscape of olive and wine gardens. The Palazzone is owned by the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, who rents it to the Instituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica for several meetings every year.

How to reach Cortona

Map of Cortona. Exendend map of Cortona, including the Palazzone.
Some of the information and design of this web-page is based on the webpage for Geometric group theory, random walks and harmonic analysis, Cortona 2004