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Reading Course Algebraic Topology I

Course description

Reading course "Algebraic Topolgoy I".

The course covers the material of the module "Algebraic Topology I". In particular: fundamentals of point-set topology, introduction to homological algebra, cell complexes and simplicial complexes, singular and cellular homology, fundamental group.

The material is taught via guided self-learning. The bulk of the work is done by in an independent way by the participants; reading the textbook material assigned and working through the exercises set. This is complemented by regular discussion and assesment meetings. During these, questions can be answered and the progress will be assesed. The course is designed to last 8 weeks with weekly discussion meetings. According to the wishes and needs of the participants, the schedule can be condensed or streched.


As literature, we use Allen Hatcher: Algebraic Topology.


Start of the course: Mid February, 2019.


Registration: via stud.ip or by email to or


Exam: there will be an oral exam at the end of the course, for the module "Zyklus Algebraische Topologie I".