Mathematisches Institut

   "Geometric Invariant Theory", Conference Schedule

Monday, June 2

  9.30am  V. Popov
 Steklov Institute, Moscow
 Describing the Hilbert cone of unstable points
  11am  V. Zhgoon
 Moscow State University
 Variation of Mumford's quotients for the maximal torus action on a flag variety
  2.30pm  Ch. Böhning
 University of Göttingen
 The rationality problem for moduli spaces of plane curves
  4pm  B. Doran
 IAS Princeton
 Non-reductive actions and some applications

Tuesday, June 3

  9.30am  I. Sols
 UC, Madrid
 Stable principal bundles
  11am  O. Garcia-Prada
 CSIC, Madrid
 G-Higgs bundles on Riemann surfaces
  2.30pm  Sh. Mukai
 Invariants and moduli
  4pm  S. Ramanan
 Tata Institute
 Higgs pairs - a survey

Wednesday, June 4

  9.30am  A. King
 University of Bath
 Moduli of sheaves from moduli of Kronecker module
  11am  Y. Hu
 University of Arizona
 Equations and desingularizations of moduli of high genus stable maps
  2.30pm  I. Losev
 Moscow State University
 Uniqueness properties for affine spherical varieties
  4pm  P. Katsylo
 Independent University
 Invariant-theoretical approach to differential characteristic classes

Thursday, June 5

  9.30am  J. Hausen
 University of Tübingen
  Cox rings and GIT
  11am  B. Sturmfels
 University of California, Berkeley
 Sagbi bases for Cox-Nagata rings
  2.30pm  J. Tevelev
 University of Massachusetts, Amherst
 Chow, moduli-theoretic, and tropical quotients of Grassmannians
  4pm  F. Catanese
 University of Bayreuth
 A remarkable moduli space of vector bundles related to cubic surfaces

Friday, June 6

  9.30am  I. Dolgachev
 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
 Moduli of configurations of points in the product of projective spaces:projective geometry, rationality and Cremona action
  11am  A. Vistoli
 Scuola Normale Pisa
 On the moduli of trigonal curves
  2.30pm  J.D. Alper
 Stanford University
 A stack-theoretic approach to invariant theory
  4pm  G. van der Geer
 University of Amsterdam
 Cohomology of local systems on the moduli of curves and abelian varieties of low genus