Laurent Bartholdi

I'm a Professor at the Mathematical Institute of the Georg-August University of Göttingen. I am also the conservator of the models collection. Here is a map of Göttingen with important mathematical places.

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Laurent Bartholdi
Office 202, Mathematical Institute
Bunsenstraße 3-5
D-37073 Göttingen
Telephone: +49 551 39 7826
Secretary: +49 551 39 7752
Facsimile: +49 551 39 22674
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Model collection 65537-gon.

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I am currently interested in understanding fractal behaviour in group theory and algebra, and its use for holomorphic dynamical systems.

Self-similar, or fractal, objects abound in mathematics; depending on context, they mean a space containing several almost disjoint copies of itself as subspaces; a group containing the direct product of copies of itself as a subgroup; or an algebra containing a matrix algebra over itself as a subalgebra. The fractalness is algebraically encoded via the collection of inclusion maps of these subobjects in their common parent.

A self-similar group may be associated with any complex dynamical system, and yields an extremely potent algebraic invariant of that dynamical system up to isotopy and conjugation. I currently explore more deeply the connection between complex dynamics and fractal groups, and use it to extend the classification of degree-two polynomials (described by points in the Mandelbrot set) to arbitrary-degree rational functions.

Mathematical events
Department colloquium
GK colloquium
Iterated Monodromy Groups stud-ip access), Wed 12:15-14:00, Sitzungszimmer.
Associative Algebras (in German; requires stud-ip access), Wed 14:15-16:00, Sitzungszimmer.
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