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Madeleine Jotz Lean's teaching


In the Winter term 2018/19 I teach Differential forms in Algebraic Topology . All material and information on this course is available on StudIP.

My office hours are on Tuesdays, from 2pm to 3pm and by appointment (by email).

PhD students:

Theocharis Papantonis (from April 2018): representations up to homotopy of Lie n-algebroids.

Malte Heuer (since July 2015): Generalized complex groupoids and Dirac bialgebroids; multiple vector bundles and their decompositions

Titles of Bachelor theses, MsC projects, Summer projects done under my supervision:

Reduktion von Poisson-Mannigfaltigkeiten v.s. Marschen-Weinstein Reduktion. (Bachelor thesis)

N-manifolds and infinitesimal ideal systems. (Bachelor thesis)

Poisson manifolds and infinitesimal ideal systems. (Bachelor thesis)

Matrix Lie groups and Poisson geometry. (Bachelor thesis)

Hyperbolic geometry and hyperbolic crochet. (Summer project)

Projective geometry. (MsC project)

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