Thomas Schick

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RTG Fourier Analysis and Spectral Theory.

I am a professor of Mathematics at Mathematisches Institut of Universität Göttingen .

My Research areas are

For more details you can find links to my papers through the link on the right.

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Upcoming schools and conferences

RTG 2491 school Oct 9-13, 2023

On large scale geometry

Research group

We are a vibrant group of mathematicians with common research interests, consisting of PhD students (many part of the RTG "Fourier analysis and spectral theory"), bachelor and master students, Postdocs and professoral colleagues. For details click on "Research/Papers" to the right.
In particular, I'm serving as Speaker of the Research Training Group 2491 Fourier Analysis and Spectral Theory.
We meet regularly in the Oberseminar Topology/Geometry Tue 16:15-18:00.

Lehre/Teaching WS 23/24

Cycle 1 Lecture course: Differential and Riemannian Geometry 1 (en lieu of algebraic topology 3)

Click for Description.

Changed coordinator! Seminar Spectral sequences and applications:

Dr. Christopher Wulff. Click for description.

Lehre/Teaching SoSe 23

Lehre/Teaching WS 22/23

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