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Oberseminar Topology/Geometry. Tue 16:15-18:00. First meeting to discuss the program - input welcome.
Research and PhD training: Check out the

RTG Fourier Analysis and Spectral Theory

Lehre WiSe 21/22

Sprechstunden: n. V., oder einfach bei mir klopfen.

Upcoming events and conferences

  • PhD school "Foliations, pseudodifferential operators, (and gropuoids)" within the RTG "Fourier analysis and spectral theory".
  • Dirac operators in topology, geometry, and representation theory; Cortona, Jun 27-July 1, 2022. Organizers: Christian Bär, Paolo Piazza, Thomas Schick, Hang Wang

    Past teaching and conferences

    Bachelor- Master- und Diplomarbeiten

    Gerne bin ich bereit, Bachelor-, Master- und Diplomarbeiten in verschiedenen Themengebieten zu vergeben, insbesondere auch anknüpfend an Vorlesungen und Seminare. Bei Interesse bitte einen Termin mit mir vereinbaren.

    Research area: Topology and Geometry, Geometry and Analysis, K-Theory of C*-algebres and index theory

    Research projects (partly funded by the German Science Foundation)

    Memberships, Honors, and Service

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    Doctoral students



    erweiterte Gruppe von Forschern mit gemeinsamen Interessen

    Former thesis projects and members of the group

  • Ahnenreihe (Angaben nach dem Mathematical genealogy project)

    Slides of a presentation about possible early postdoc grants and positions in Germany

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