Second Summer/Winter School on
Dynamical Approaches in Spectral Geometry

Dynamical Methods
in Open Quantum Systems

Göttingen, November 16-19, 2016

The winter school addresses doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers, and also welcomes more experienced scientists. In addition to the four lecture series, there is time for a limited number of talks by participants.
Alexander Belton
Introduction to Classical and Quantum Markov Semigroups
Dariusz Chruściński
Introduction to non-Markovian Quantum Dynamics
Niels Jacob
Markov Processes as Tool in Analysis and Mathematical Physics
Vojkan Jaksic
(McGill, Montreal)
Non-equilibrium Quantum Statistical Mechanics


We thank the Göttingen SPIRIT Program and the DFG Research Training Group 1493 ''Mathematical Structures in Modern Quantum Physics,'' Göttingen, for support.