Tammo tom Dieck (Übersicht)

Tammo tom Dieck: Aufsätze / Preprints

Transformation groups. Representation theory

  1. The Euler Ring of the Rotation Group (pdf)
  2. Induction Categories (pdf)
  3. Induction Categories for Compact Lie Groups (pdf)

Homology planes. Affine varieties

  1. On the topology of complex surfaces with an action of the additive group of complex numbers (dvi) (pdf)
  2. Hyperbolic modifications and acyclic affine foliations (dvi) (pdf)
  3. Ramified coverings of acyclic varieties (dvi)(pdf)
  4. Affine surfaces with locally trivial action of the additive group of complex numbers (dvi)
  5. Homology planes and algebraic curves (with Ted Petrie) (dvi)
  6. Optimal rational curves and homology planes (dvi)
  7. Algebraic space forms (dvi)(pdf)

Knot and quantum algebra

  1. Temperley-Lieb algebras associated to the root system D (dvi)( pdf)
  2. Cylinder algebras (dvi)(pdf)
  3. Quantum groups and cylinder braiding (dvi)(pdf)
  4. Categories of rooted cylinder ribbons and their representations (dvi)(pdf)
  5. Cylinder braiding for quantum linear groups (dvi)(pdf)
  6. On tensor representations of knot algebras (dvi)(pdf)
  7. Bridges with pillars. A graphical calculus of knot algebra (dvi)(pdf)
  8. Brücken mit Pfeilern. Ein graphischer Kalkül der Knotenalgebra (dvi)(pdf)
  9. Knotentheorien und Wurzelsysteme. Teil II (dvi)(pdf)
  10. Knot theories and root systems. Part III (dvi)(pdf) (dvi)(pdf)
  11. Symmetrische Brücken und Knotentheorien zu den Dynkin-Diagrammen vom Typ B (dvi)(pdf)